Knowing The Breast Actives Side Effects

In many parts of the world, the size of women’s breasts is considered as the measuring scale of beauty. That is why all women are looking for ways to increase their breast size. While many products and techniques have been developed in the past, they all have their perks and weaknesses. But most women are not willing to undergo surgery for increasing their bust size. Breast Actives is a complete herbal treatment that claims to increase the breast size without any side effects.

It comes in a package containing breast enlargement pills, a cream, and a complete exercise routine. When all these three techniques are applied in conjunction, you will see a visible difference in the size of your breasts.

But are there any breast actives side effects? This review will look into the ingredients going to the formula of the Breast Actives program and whether they are as good as they claim to be.

Before we can have a look into the side effects of this breast enhancer, we need to find out what are its main active ingredients. The pill contains fenugreek, kelp, wild watercress, dong quai, oat bran, dandelion root and other herbs.

The Breast Actives Side Effects

When you choose to opt for a nonsurgical procedure for breast enhancement like the use of Breast Actives, then you should also consider the side effects that it may contain. While the success rate of users is very high, there have been reports of some mild side effects experienced by people who used this product.

Skin Irritation: people have complained about skin irritation after the application of the  cream. However, this is a mild skin rash and you may also experience a little itching.

Allergic Reactions: users have reported to have severe allergic reactions after using Breast actives. This is not a breast actives side effect but rather the allergic reaction may be due to the fact that the user may be allergic to any one specific ingredient in the formula. So before using any sort of pill, it is advised to take a look into its contents.

Stomach Irritation: it is possible that you experience a little stomach irritation. This includes inconsistent bowel movements, and mild stomach aches. This may be also being a result to mixing up the breast actives pills with any other medications.

While all of these side effects are very mild and temporary, if you feel that the condition is getting worse, then it is advised to discontinue the use of Breastactives.

One serious side effect of Breast Active to consider is that it promotes the growth of the bust size by the increase in estrogen levels. Estrogen is a hormone that is responsible for increasing the breast’s size. It is also responsible for tissue growth in the uterus. When estrogen is used in birth control pills, it is counteracted by the use of progesterone so that there is no abnormal tissue growth in the uterus. However, there is no indication of use of progesterone in breast actives. This increases the risk of uterine cancer many folds.

However, this side effect cannot be confirmed because no studies have been conducted on the long term side effects of Breast Actives.


Breast Actives is a natural solution to increasing your bust size in a painless and effective manner. But before you try using any such supplements, it is better to weigh the benefits against the potential side effects.

It is a natural product but there are still a few side effects that you should be on the lookout for.


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